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Dénia Bridges Foundation is a California religious corporation, organized on January 15, 2015 under the California Nonprofit Religious Corporation Law. Everyone on our volunteer leadership team learned firsthand the transformational power of Christian education and youth leadership programs serving at schools and conference centers in Denia, Spain.

We partner with existing licensed Spanish charities with proven track records of success to take advantage of local knowledge and expertise.

Where we are in Colegio Alfa & Omega's Light for the Future Campaign: WE HAVE ACHIEVED THE FIRST PHASE TARGET! THANK YOU!

Getting started with Architectural Drawings, Licenses and Permits:

Welcome to Dénia Bridges.


Why Dénia Bridges?

Dénia serves as a series of essential bridges to the Kingdom of Jesus Christ. The Colegio Alfa & Omega (Alfa & Omega Primary and Secondary School) is a bridge to Christ for students and parents. The Iglesia Evangélica Bautista La Trinidad de Denia (Trinity Baptist Church) is a bridge to Christ for the poor, hungry and needy through its various food and clothing programs. The Centro de Encuentros Cristianos Montgó (Christian Conference Center of Montgó) serves as a bridge to a deeper and stronger relationship with Christ through the international volunteer programs and professional development and leadership programs it provides. And finally the Christian community of Dénia serves as an international bridge to a true Christ-centered community that truly touches all those who come within its orbit from abroad.


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International Volunteers at the Centro

International Volunteers at the Centro

Music Recital at the Alfa & Omega School

Music Recital at the Alfa & Omega School


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