Our Mission

We support innovative approaches to expanding the kingdom of Jesus Christ in Spain through Christian Education and Youth Leadership Programs.


Our Purpose

Our prayer is that DBF will serve to expand the kingdom of Jesus Christ in two major ways. First, it will provide a close connection to those whose hearts have been touched by the unique Christian community in Dénia by providing information about local events, prayer/praise items, projects, and high priority needs through a website, newsletters, and social media.  And second, it will make it easier for the Dénia alumni community to provide tax-deductible financial resources directly and quickly to support programs, scholarships, professional development, facilities, and other essential needs of Colegio Alfa & Omega, La Iglesia Evangélica Bautista Trinidad - Denia and the Centro de Encuentros Cristianos Montgó. We also hope to facilitate mission trips from the US to Spain and encourage young individuals from around the world to participate in the life-changing volunteer program.

“I credit my time in Dénia for shaping much of who I am now, though in ways I could not have expected from the outset. I learned servitude, humility, and the power of diving deep into community. I developed a passion for the Spanish-speaking world, which defined the rest of my college career and beyond”.
— Christina Huntzinger, DBF Board Member and Former College Student Volunteer
“The way that Alfa & Omega works is through the love of Christ. What we are here for on this earth is to be a light, and I feel that every time I wake up and sit at the table for breakfast a new day starts, I hear laughter, and see love, a few tired faces, but nothing that is not quickly awoken by the spirit of Christ. “
— Marissa Meares, College Student Volunteer Summer 2015
“I learned more from [the director of mantenimiento at Colegio Alfa y Omega] about what it means to live simply and work hard than I did from anyone else in my life.”
— Jack Reis, DBF Board Member and Former College Student Volunteer