Jack Reis

DIRECTOR & Designer


Jack brings a tremendous passion for design as a tool for the common good to the Dénia Bridges Foundation board of directors. His firsthand experience with Colegio Alfa y Omega in 2009 includes lasting contributions to the computer software and hardware systems, school musical programs, interior design, and facilities maintenance, but he feels the ways in which he benefited are far more powerful and hopes to similarly inspire and contribute to the personal, professional and spiritual development of generations to come.

A deeply bittersweet departure at the end of the year gave Jack a chance to reflect on how much he would miss the friends — who had become more like family — he made during the year he spent on campus at Dénia. In his words, “I learned more from [the director of mantenimiento at Colegio Alfa y Omega] about what it means to live simply and work hard than I did from anyone else in my life,” and he considers the opportunity to contribute to the program both a pleasure and a privilege.