"The values of Alfa & Omega are growing seeds," by Pastor Jorge

The teaching of Christian values transversally at the Alfa & Omega school has been a reality since our inception. Teaching values is much more than an ethics class or a specific course. At Alfa & Omega we understand that in addition to spending time teaching specific values by talking about each of them, we can teach in a practical manner through the way we resolve conflicts, and respond to a problem. Through the way we teach science, sport or music. In fact, we know we are teaching a Christian lifestyle that impacts the traditional or postmodern culture we live in.

I want to give an example of this form of education that has shown positive results. A few weeks ago, Tamara, a student (not evangelical) of our school, came to visit me. She came to tell me that she had finished college and that now she is an architect. And that she was very thankful for the education she had received in our school during the sixteen years she attended. But what impacted me more, was that at same time she informed me about her achievements, she said this words: “ Jorge I want to tell you how thankful I am by the received education, and as a sign of gratitude I wish to spend a month of my life serving in one of the Missionary projects that church has.” While Tamara was talking I realized that the Christian values we teach are seeds that grow up in good soil, and someday they fructify.

Right now, Tamara is in Equatorial Guinea, Africa, as a volunteer. She is collaborating with the Buen Pastor school in Malabo and the Talita Cum school in Evinayong, that our church supports. She is practicing what the Bible says: “It is more blessed to give than to receive.” (Act.20:35).

Certainly, we must continue to sow, even though sometimes we don't see the results. But the answer of Tamara is a signal that we should sow without fainting and the Lord is going to give the results in his time. Jesus hasn't' called us to see results, but to extend the kingdom to our generation.