Enrique's Hug by Pastor Jorge

Enrique has been a student at Alfa & Omega for two years now. His father is Cuban and his mother is Russian. Last year, his father had to return to Moscow for economical reasons. Business in Dénia did not go as well as he expected. The absence of his father affected Enrique’s life. His academic performance suffered as did his behavior.

We have created a strategy to stimulate and help Enrique to overcome the absence of his father. His mother is for all practical purposes a single mother responsible alone for the upbringing of the children, so she can’t meet all of their needs. The special plan we designed to help Enrique, here at Alfa & Omega in collaboration with his mother worked.

Enrique is now overcoming the difficulties and you can now see a smile on his face. He again has applied and dedicated himself to his studies as well as to sports. He again is a good friend to others and the clean and beautiful look has returned to his eyes.

A few weeks ago, Enrique was playing soccer with his classmates and I was observing him from a distance. When he saw me, stopped the ball and came to give me a hug (in Spain the hugs are usual). When he returned with his friends, I thought: “this is our ministry, reaching troubled students like Enrique. That is the love of Jesus made true.” Enrique’s hug is a symbol of many hugs in Alpha & Omega that we give throughout the day. Because our ministry is to bless those around us and be conductors of God’s love.