Conversations about God on the Alfa & Omega playground

Eunice Pastor, Director A&O Primary School, September 21, 2016

Yesterday, God reminded me in a very real way of the urgency He has placed in my heart to spend time in prayer with our high school students during the school day.

While at my desk answering emails and deep in paperwork on the last official day of summer, I heard a loud voice in the distance coming clearly through the open window that said, “Who believes in God? I don’t believe that God exists.” There were a couple of voices in support of faith but the doubters by far dominated the discussion. This was my golden opportunity to answer God’s call. I wanted to know whose female voice I heard ask the original question but with the constant natural change in adolescent voices, I couldn’t identify the student.

I looked out my window and saw a group of five (four girls and one boy) including one teenager from our church who was trying unsuccessfully to sway the doubters. Leaving my cozy office to jump into the middle of the conversation, I asked, ”Who has the questions?” Paula, a fourteen year old, raised her hand looking directly into my eyes. “It all comes down to faith,” I said. “Yes”, she responded, “but how can you believe in God? How can you believe that it took Him only seven days to create the Earth? Can you believe in God and also believe in the big bang? How can you believe that God created Eve from Adam’s rib?” Paula had many questions, so many questions….

So I told her about a God of miracles, about an eternal God, that His timing is not our timing, that His days are not our days. She listened attentively when I told her that science collaborates what the Bible tells us about the flood and that of course Adam and Eve were not created in the image of Ken and Barbie but that God’s work is perfect.

At that point It was time to go to class and I offered to continue the conversation the following week at the same time. Paula looked me straight in the eyes again and said, “Eunice, yes I would like that because I have many questions and would like answers.”

This is an example of the many opportunities that we have at the Colegio Alfa & Omega of Dénia to share and be close to our students when they need us. Our Lord loves our students and we know that those of us who love Him will be used by Him as His instrument at the right moment on the right day.