Happy Summer 2019: DBF's Mid Year Update

Summer at Alfa & Omega means camps!

Summer at Alfa & Omega means camps!

One of our first memories of meeting Jorge Pastor, who along with his wife Encarnita founded Colegio Alfa & Omega 40 years ago, was during our first month of living in Dénia on a sabbatical in August 2001.

In the midst of mounting frustration of getting used to a new country, a foreign language, a new culture, a new school, a new church and not being able to complete the ten things on our Silicon Valley-esque to-do lists every day, Jorge stopped by our little townhouse near the port to check on us. He just seemed to sense that we needed a hug and some encouragement. Jorge's visit instantly transmitted a sense of peace and tranquility and a feeling that things would be okay. From that point on, we felt that maybe God had a purpose for us being in Dénia.

Soon after Jorge’s visit to our townhouse, he asked us to help organize the school library and serve as librarians for the year that we were there. We soon added assistant scout leaders working with Paco and teaching English to four-year old pre-schoolers to our CVs. Then fifteen years later, we prayed with Jorge and Eunice in Dénia about how we could best support Alfa & Omega’s mission from the US which was the beginning of the Dénia Bridges Foundation. Jorge is truly incredibly gifted at challenging people to use their gifts for God’s purposes.

And then in November of 2017, on the same Sunday that Jorge and Antonio Calero, co-senior pastors of Trinity Church of Dénia passed the baton to Pastor Elias Nofuentes, Jorge found out that he had a large tumor in his colon. This was of course a shock for all of the Dénia community around the world. It's been a long battle with multiple surgeries with seemingly more downs than ups. Amazingly though somehow in the middle of much pain, Jorge was able to receive the honorary doctorate of letters from the Dallas Baptist University one year ago in Dallas and give the commencement address to a large chapel full of graduates, 19 members of his family from Spain and over one hundred friends from all around the US. God is truly faithful.

The chemotherapy and radiation treatments weren’t working well enough so Jorge’s doctors recommended that he try an innovative new immunotherapy treatment that might be more effective in reducing both the pain and the size of the tumor. And miraculously this is exactly what has happened so far! It’s still early in the process, but the news is promising.

Clearly Jorge is not out of the woods yet, but he feels stronger, has much of his amazing energy back and is regularly participating in Trinity’s Sunday services which are broadcast weekly on Facebook Watch. It appears that God must have more kingdom work for Jorge to do. Please Please Please continue your prayers for Jorge and his doctors and that the immunotherapy would continue to be effective and that the cancer would go into complete remission.

On behalf of DBF's board, we pray that you are receiving God's blessings this summer and getting much needed rest and relaxation. We also sincerely hope that you will enjoy this newsletter. Please send any questions or suggestions to us directly at info@deniabridges.org

In His service,

Sue and Scott Johnson

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End of 18/19 School Year Update from Alfa & Omega

Head of School Eunice Pastor Sendra

Eunice shares the highlights and her thoughts on the school year that recently ended at Colegio Alfa & Omega. Please click here to read Eunice’s update.

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Alfa & Omega students spend summer in Texas!

As part of its long term partnership with Trinity Church of Dénia, the Columbus Avenue Baptist Church of Waco, Texas, hosts Alfa & Omega students for a summer filled with fun. Please click here for the story and photos.

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Partnership Update : The King's Academy, CA

The King’s Academy, (TKA) a large Christian high school on the San Francisco Peninsula is partnering with Colegio Alfa & Omega by sending a group of 15 high school juniors and seniors to Dénia next April 2020 for Holy Week. For more information click here!


Clara Johnson, former Alfa & Omega

student, teaches Psychology research techniques to

A&O 3rd Year ESO students.

In May, Clara Johnson, a soon to be doctoral student in clinical psychology at the University of Washington, spent the month of June in Dénia, teaching a Psychology survey course to Alfa & Omega 3rd Year ESO students. It was a special experience for Clara to come back and teach at Alfa & Omega after attending her first year of elementary school there 18 years ago in 2001/2002 .

In 2015, we founded the Dénia Bridges Foundation (DBF), a US 501c3 religious non-profit corporation based in Menlo Park, California to raise financial support for Christian Education and Youth Leadership in Spain from the United States. Each of our six volunteer board members has deep experience volunteering for extended periods at Colegio Alfa & Omega and the other related ministries in Dénia.

We pray that you will consider financially supporting Colegio Alfa & Omega, the Trinity Church, Montgó Christian Retreat Center and/or Felix and Sara Bonet this year. And as always 100% of your donation will arrive to your designated recipient as we do not deduct any administrative fees. Our EIN is 47-3436255.

You can make either an online donation here or send a check to

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