The newly formed Pastor Cabrera Foundation, assumes the management of the Alfa & Omega School in Dénia

The Alfa & Omega School has begun a new phase in its history. 

The Trinity Baptist Church of Denia has created the Pastor Cabrera Foundation whose honorary chairman is none other than former president of the United States, Jimmy Carter.

Jorge Pastor, president of the foundation explained that Mr. Carter’s honorary chairmanship is due to the close relationship that several of the foundation’s board members maintain with the former American president.

The new foundation will manage all aspects of the Alfa & Omega School which provides a unique and outstanding Christian education to students around the Valencian Community.

The board of the Pastor Cabrera Foundation

The board of the Pastor Cabrera Foundation

The church unanimously approved the creation of the Foundation and the transfer of the school in recognition of the historic work of Joaquín Pastor Cabrera, son of the pioneers of the Protestant church in Dénia and one of its first pastors. Jorge Pastor explained that the church strongly believed that creating an independent private foundation was the best way to manage the school going forward and that the change of ownership will not affect the daily life of students nor the routine of the faculty and will not alter the academic direction in anyway. Jorge will continue to serve as the Executive Director of Alfa & Omega and Senior Pastor of the Trinity Baptist Church along with Antonio Calero.

The secretary of the Foundation and one of the senior administrators of Alfa & Omega, Ms. Maria Eugenia Utor, emphasized that in addition to administering the school’s educational program, the Pastor Cabrera Foundation will direct its efforts towards developing both local and international partnerships that deliver programs and resources that help the underserved to escape from lives of oppression and extreme poverty. Outside of Spain the foundation will initially focus its efforts on Equatorial Guinea, Cuba and Mozambique.

Closer to home, the foundation is embarking on the development of a two year baccalaureate college preparatory program at Alfa & Omega which requires significant resources for building new facilities and hiring additional staff. And the foundation will also begin raising money for a permanent endowment that will provide scholarships for needy families in the local area.


In addition to Carter, the foundation’s leadership team consists of:

President: Jorge Pastor Mut

Vice President: Jorge Manuel Pérez

Secretary: Maria Eugenia Utor Martínez

Vocal: Eunice Pastor Sendra

Vocal: Antonio Calero Closed

Vocal: Juan Negre Gómez

Ex Oficio: Manuel Sarrias Martínez

Joaquín Pastor Cabrera

About Joaquin Pastor Cabrera

The name of the foundation recognizes one of the pioneers of the Protestant Church in Spain, the Dianense Joaquin Pastor Cabrera. An active leader of the church in his youth, Joaquín Pastor Cabrera studied theology in Barcelona in 1947 and upon the completion of his studies was sent to Dénia to be the 6th pastor of the church, thus beginning a new era for the Protestants in Denia and the rest of the country as head of the Religious Freedom Commission of the Evangelical Baptist Union of Spain.

Joaquín Pastor Cabrera died on January 24, 1977, leaving behind a legacy of works and projects, currently reflected in both the doctrine of the Trinity Baptist Church and the teaching philosophy of the Alfa & Omega School.