End of Year Thoughts from Alfa & Omega's Head of School, Eunice Pastor


As we come to the end of 2018, I asked Eunice to give us an update on several different areas that we continue to pray for. What follows are her replies:

Scott: How is the school year going so far and what can you say about the status of the Baccalaureate program?

Eunice: We are very grateful to the Lord because he has allowed us this year to have very full classes, and we even have a waiting list for some grades. The families that join our school are pushing us to add the baccalaureate program, because they trust us and want their children to continue through their last two college prep years in our caring Christ-centered environment. We understand that it is the Lord's will that we continue to grow and we have the capacity to make it a reality, but we can not do it alone. We need the help of all those who want to collaborate and be our sponsors in the project that we have ahead of us.

Scott: What can tell us about your father Jorge’s health situation and how can we help?

Eunice: We are so thankful for all the prayers for Jorge and our family. Jorge has started again with the chemotherapy treatment and he is a bit weak. We ask that you continue praying for him and for his health.    

Scott: I know that you have been quite busy as a host to many visitors from around the world who come to serve at Alfa & Omega. Can you give us an idea of who has been there recently and how have they served the Dénia community?

Eunice: We have been blessed by even more guests than usual. Here I summarize the most recent visits:

June 25th-29th First Baptist Church of Cabot, Arkansas:

This group participated during our weeklong Day Camp where children perform different activities such as music, crafts and sports where they practice English and have fun at the same time.

June 29th-July 8th: First McKinney Church, TX, Mosaix Music Group

This group participated during the week with our Music Camp making special musical demonstrations to the children. Mosaix also made a tour of concerts in the area to help our "Extend your hand" outreach to our community that serves meals to the homeless in Dénia.

June 30th - July 6th: Dallas Baptist University

The Dallas Baptist University soccer team and their coaches had a super special week with the children of Denia in a camp where they played a lot of football and learned the values associated with the sport.

July 9th-13th: Baylor University

Spanish major students from Baylor University dedicated this week to working with the children of the school to teach English in a practical and fun way.

July 21st-27th: Columbus Avenue Baptist Church of Waco, TX

We received a group of basketball coaches who organized a camp where, through sports, children learned the values of working as a team, helping others, sharing, etc.

September 15th-18th: Menlo Church, CA

We met with Scott and Sue who brought Les and Suzanne Koonce from Menlo Park, long time supporters of Alfa & Omega, to Dénia to tour our school and grounds.

November 3rd-8th: First Baptist Church of Warren, TX

This group came to Alfa & Omega to help celebrate Thanksgiving. They spent the week making crafts, holding musical activities and teaching the children the values associated with the American Thanksgiving holiday. Because American missionaries helped establish the Trinity Church in Dénia, the Thanksgiving holiday has always been an important event at Colegio Alfa & Omega.

Eunice: Thanks a lot for everything and blessings from Denia!