Baccalaureate 2018

Student, Alumni, and Faculty Testimonials


“The Americans who came to Alfa & Omega introduced me to God."

Carla Garcia

Carla accepted Jesus as her savior after her mom asked for a Bible so she could learn “a little bit” about the Gospel. This occurred during one of the American mission trips to Alfa & Omega. We invited her to our church and she has never stopped coming. Carla is now 13 years old, a brilliant student and very committed to the Lord.

“We lift each other up.“ 


José was the recipient of a needs-based scholarship during his time at Alfa & Omega. Upon graduation from the secondary school, he then served in the international volunteer program at the Montgó Christian Retreat Center carrying out various tasks such as cooking, cleaning, and maintenance. 



“For me, attending Alfa & Omega can only be described as a transformative period in my life, one in which I was gifted a first-hand glimpse into the power of globalized education. No other experience has been as pivotal in expanding my worldview and nurturing a strong sense for global empathy. Alfa & Omega will always be the birthplace of my love for culture, language, and international friendship.”

Travis Johnson, Artist, Vancouver, B.C.


“The opportunities I've had to learn about the world through Alfa & Omega’s study abroad programs are genuinely priceless. Alfa & Omega has helped me develop my world view and perfect my language skills and I just can't imagine what my life would be like had I gone to another school. I would have loved to continue my studies at Alfa & Omega for the Baccalaureate. Hopefully in the future this option will be open to Alfa & Omega students.”

Laura Fuente, English Teacher 

“At Alfa & Omega, the teachers are very focused on helping students discover and develop their individual passions. The feedback I received from my teachers both encouraged and motivated me which not only built on the creative skills I already had but encouraged me to look at things from a different perspective and motivated me to do even more! Now I am licensed in fine art and design engineering.”

Carolina Pastor Tudela, Artist, Dénia

"Attending Alfa & Omega was absolutely incredible. The academic program offered numerous amazing volunteer and community outreach opportunities that were truly valuable in preparing me for my profession as a nurse. I also had the opportunity to spend time with international visitors from the US who come to Alfa & Omega throughout the year to help us improve our English speaking skills."

Max Zimmerman, Nurse, Dénia