Baccalaureate 2018

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The History of 


Alfa & Omega

Colegio Alfa & Omega was founded by the Trinity Baptist Church of Dénia in 1979 as a ministry to prepare young students for leadership and service through Christian Values and an emphasis on transforming lives. After 40 years of Protestant persecution by the Franco regime, Colegio Alfa & Omega became the first protestant Christian school officially authorized by the newly democratic Spanish government. Even in 2018, decades after the end of national persecution against protestants, it is still the only accredited private protestant Christian school in Spain.

Alfa & Omega hopes to share its successful educational model with other churches in Spain that struggle to reach youth. Since the end of the dictatorship, Spanish society has turned away from organized religion.  Only 1% of the 45 million Spaniards belong to protestant churches today. Replicating Alfa & Omega’s model of Christian education across Spain provides hope and light for the future.

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The People,
The Place,
The Practice

What Makes Alfa & Omega So Different?


At Alfa & Omega, the passionate faculty deploy innovative methods of teaching to personalize their teaching to each child's unique learning style, all while transmitting Christian values into every stage of learning and growth.

Music, art, and expression occupy a fundamental component of Alfa & Omega's curriculum, as are opportunities to learn from international voices and share with the less fortunate through missions in Equatorial Guinea and Cuba.

Alfa & Omega serves a diverse student body, 30% of which is international, and supports students without financial resources with partial and full scholarships and free lunches. Regardless of background, all students are given the opportunity to extend God's love to the entire local community via Christmas Pageants in the winter and vacation Bible school in the summer. Through these opportunities, many parents and students have come to know Jesus as their Lord and Savior.