Christina Huntzinger

Director & Secretary


I came to know of Dénia and the volunteer program at Alfa y Omega in the summer of 2009 through Scott and Sue Johnson, after my freshman year of college.  I was looking to take a semester off to re-focus and work on my Spanish, and the opportunity to go to Dénia seemed like a perfect fit for my goals.

From September to December 2009, I spent three months as a volunteer at Alfa y Omega. I credit my time in Dénia for shaping much of who I am now, though in ways I could not have expected from the outset.  I learned servitude, humility, and the power of diving deep into community.  I developed a passion for the Spanish-speaking world, which defined the rest of my college career and beyond.

I am a Bay Area native, though I attended college in Minnesota and spent two years after graduation teaching English in San José, Costa Rica.  I am an active member of Menlo Park Presbyterian Church, where I volunteer with the young adult community.  

My hope and prayer for DBF is that rich connections continue to grow and flourish between the U.S. and Dénia for years to come.