Colegio Alfa & Omega has a vibrant history over the past 39 years of God’s provision, grace, and protection for which we are truly humbled and grateful. Today, its incredible impact is felt and seen daily in its classrooms, by its families, by international volunteers and mission teams, and on the landscape of leading Christian education in Europe. 

Building on this strong foundation, Alfa & Omega’s governing board has embarked upon the Light for the Future project, which will add the final post-16 stage of education commonly known as the Baccalaureate to its curriculum. This will bring Jorge and Encarnita Pastor’s dream to fruition of an Alfa & Omega Christ-Centered education that spans the complete Spanish curriculum and provides the required education to enroll in university-level studies. 

Currently, the only option for university-bound students in the region is enrolling in one of the public institutions (institutos). Students who are accustomed to Alfa & Omega’s personalized, innovative methodology and Christian values face a very difficult transition. The final two years of a young person’s secondary educational life are the most formative because they truly shape one’s faith and future. By adding the Baccalaureate, the Alfa & Omega faculty and administration will be able to make a more lasting impression and better advocate for their students by providing the spiritual support at a critical time needed to develop lifelong faith and leadership skills. 

As a private Christ-centered school, Alfa & Omega receives no public funding. After carefully assessing the costs of offering the two-year Baccalaureate to an initial class of 30 students, Alfa & Omega’s governing board has planned for a total project cost of $1,600,000. This will provide for the construction of a new academic building, consisting of four classrooms, faculty offices, laboratories, and restrooms. While there are other planned improvements and needed renovations on the horizon, the construction of the academic building is the only requirement needed to open the doors of the Baccalaureate program.

In 2015, we founded the Dénia Bridges Foundation (DBF), a US 501c3 religious non-profit corporation based in Menlo Park, California to raise financial support for Colegio Alfa & Omega from the United States. Each of our six volunteer board members has deep experience volunteering for extended periods at Colegio Alfa & Omega and the other related ministries in Dénia. DBF will take an active role in supporting the Light of the Future project. 

Efforts have begun. While Eunice and the administration are busy working through the initial plans and logistics, we at DBF are currently raising the initial $40,000 needed for the licenses, permits and architectural drawings. With all that you know about Alfa & Omega, please prayerfully consider making a donation that will help us begin the project. Please consider the importance of the school’s mission, the impact Alfa & Omega has on so many children and youth today and will continue to have for many years to come, the impact that it made in your own life, and the successful model it provides to other European churches struggling to reach young people.

Stayed tuned. I am confident that you will be delighted by our progress. We are not only building classroom walls, but transforming students’ spiritual journeys at the Colegio Alfa & Omega in Dénia and beyond.

Scott Johnson

President and Co-founder, Dénia Bridges Foundation


What Can I Do?

We need your help to continue our mission of providing world class education informed and enriched by the Word of God.

Dénia Bridges Foundation works directly with Alfa & Omega to fulfill the needs of the school and faculty, and all donations will go directly to building and supported a much needed Baccalaureate Program.